Posted Fri 17 Jun 2011 by Michael Patricios , 0 comments

The code that powers this blog is now available on github. Features include:

  • Admin interface, with support for (unpublished) draft posts and draft versions
  • Anti-spam protection on comments via Akismet
  • Assets stored on Amazon S3
  • Avatars on comments pulled from Gravatar
  • Apps built with this engine can easily be hosted on Heroku
  • Atom feeds for posts and comments
  • Highly customisable

Building a blog using the badass rails engine is straight-forward and quick. A guide is provided with the code.

Posted Mon 20 Dec 2010 by Michael Patricios , 0 comments

This is it. My new blog.

It is a custom-built Rails app, hosted on Heroku, using Gravatar for avatars, Akismet for anti-spam and Amazon S3 for storing assets.

I'll be putting the code into a public repository on github some time soonish.

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