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When using a Navigation Controller in a Cocoa Touch application, the framework takes care of many things, including generation of a back button when you push a view controller to the navigation controller. The back button gets the same title of the parent view, which a lot of the time is what you might want, but every now and again it's not. For example, in my cool application, the initial view has the title 'My Cool Application' - when you navigate to the settings view, the back button has the long, unwieldy title 'My Cool Application', making the button so big that it pushes the 'Settings' title to the right.

First level navigation view Second level navigation view

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Reversi is now available as a desktop Mac app and is available on the Mac App Store now!

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I've had a Kindle 3 since Christmas and really like it. The screen is the best feature for me - the E-ink is much easier on the eyes than a back-lit screen.

When I first got it however, it crashed regularly (two to three times a day). After a few searches on the internet I discovered I was not alone in this and was surprised that it was the Amazon official cover (the one without a built-in light) that was the problem! Common theory is that the (painted metal) clips that hold the Kindle into the cover conduct just enough electricity to cause a brown-out in the CPU. To test whether the cover was the cause of my problems, I removed the cover about a week ago and my Kindle has not crashed since.

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Word clouds generated with Wordle

This blog:

Word cloud for

My delicious tags:

Word cloud for my delicious tags

Looks like it's pretty obvious where my interests lie :)

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This is it. My new blog.

It is a custom-built Rails app, hosted on Heroku, using Gravatar for avatars, Akismet for anti-spam and Amazon S3 for storing assets.

I'll be putting the code into a public repository on github some time soonish.